South Hyderabad

South Hyderabad – Becomes an Investment Hub

South Hyderabad – Becomes an Investment Hub



Hyderabad is one of India’s fastest-growing cities. The nickname “Pearl City” was given to Hyderabad, a city in southern India. This nickname derives from Hyderabad’s long history and association with the pearl trade, as the city was once a major hub for pearl processing and trade. The growth of Hyderabad can be attributed to its infrastructure, connectivity, and availability of land. The Telangana government is planning for the rapid development of the city, which has sparked interest from both domestic and international organizations to invest in Hyderabad.

Plot ventures in Hyderabad are a promising investment opportunity due to the city’s booming real estate market and increasing demand for residential and commercial spaces. With Hyderabad being a major IT hub and home to many multinational companies, investing in plot ventures can yield high returns in the long run.

South Hyderabad 

Nowadays, southern Hyderabad is growing very rapidly, as so many global companies have started investing in this area. On the south side of Hyderabad, there are many industrial clusters and Special Economic Zones (SEZs) which are from different sectors.

Rajiv Gandhi International Airport (RGIA) is one of the biggest assets for south Hyderabad. It gives easy access to international commuting and conveyance.

Hyderabad Pharma City is situated on the south side of Hyderabad. Amazon and Microsoft announced the construction of their data centers in three locations in southern Hyderabad. In south Hyderabad, there are 3 highways: Bengaluru Highway, Srisailam Highway, and Sagar Highway, which we are going to discuss briefly in this article.

Bengaluru Highway

On the Bengaluru highway, there are so many developments taking place. Let’s have a look at such areas.


Whenever we hear Shamshabad, Rajiv Gandhi International Airport (RGIA) is the first thing that comes to our mind. This airport is a game-changer in Hyderabad’s development. It brings national and international connectivity to Hyderabad. Which leads to huge development occurring in all sectors. Most of the Shamshabad area is under HADA (Hyderabad Airport Development Authority) limit. HADA is developing its premises according to the requirement.

Rajiv Gandhi International Airport


These days Muchintal is getting more famous because of the Statue of Equality, also known as Chinna Jeeyar Swamy Ashramam. It is not only a Monument but also a spiritual gathering place. It is constructed on 108 acres of land. The Statue of Equality is the second tallest sitting statue in the world.

Apart from this temple, JIMS Homoeopathic Medical College and Hospital in Mucherla. According to the sources, My Home group is planning to build a smart city on 4000 acres around this area.

Statue of equality, Hyderabad


On the Bengaluru highway after exiting from ORR, Thimmapur is the area that comes under the residential zone. The area before Timpapur falls within the HADA limits. After Thimmapur, Kottur comes under the Industrial zone. Therefore residential land values ​​are increasing in Thimmapur.

Thimmapur has some major industries like HIL Limited, CMTL LCD, Container Corporation of India Ltd, and Continental Multimodal Terminals Pvt Ltd (Logistic Interface park), etc., which generate employment opportunities.



As we all know that Chandanvelly is an industrial area, which is situated on the right side of the Bengaluru Highway. There are so many industries in this area and recently both Microsoft and Amazon announced the plan for their Data Centers at Chandanvelly. This brings a huge development.



Kothur is known for its industrial corridor. It has many major industries which will generate wealth and employment. Here are some of the major industries that are situated in the Kothur industrial area.

Natco Pharma, HBL Power Systems Limited, Mittal Batteries Pvt Ltd, NACL Industries Limited and Symbiosis International Business Management University.



Mekaguda is one of the developing areas on the Bengaluru highway. There are so many Multi-National Companies like Johnson & Johnson, P&G, and Natco Pharma Limited. Recently Microsoft announced their data centers will be at Mekaguda. Due to all these things, major developments will take place.



Shadnagar is one of the fastest-growing towns on the Bengaluru highway. It is surrounded by industries, and due to this the requirement and demand for residential plots and villas are increasing day by day. Shadnagar itself is a district headquarter and has all facilities to live in. 

The National Remote Sensing Centre is situated in Shadnagar. In recent times Microsoft announced one of the Data centers at Elikatta which is near Shadnagar.



Balanagar is also one of the fastest developing towns on the Bengaluru Highway. There are many industries in the field of Pharma and Foods like Hindustan Foods Limited, Avalon Cosmetic Pvt Ltd, etc. This Industrial corridor boosted Balanagar’s development. A partial part of Balanagar comes under the residential zone, therefore there is a huge residential demand in Balanagar.



Jadcherla is one of the well-developed cities which is 65 km from Shamshabad Airport. Both residential and industrial wise Jadcherla is growing very rapidly. Rajpur Sez is an industrial corridor that is a major asset for Jadcherla.

This Sez is also known as the Green pharma zone. It consists of many MNC Pharma companies like Aurobindo Pharma, Hetero labs, etc. L&T Construction skill training institute is also situated in this Sez and it has Narsee Monjee Institute of Management studies.


Srisailam Highway

Srisailam Highway is one of the fastest-growing areas in Hyderabad. The Government is planning for many developments in the surrounding areas. As this Highway connects Hyderabad Pharma city and Electronic city, developments will occur automatically.

Rajiv Gandhi International Airport

We know that Rajiv Gandhi international airport is between Srisailam Highway and Bengaluru Highway. The area around RGIA is under HADA (Hyderabad Airport Development Authority) limit. HADA is handling all developments in these premises according to the requirement.

Kurmalguda-Defence Sectors

Kurmalguda is one of the fastest developing areas on Srisailam Highway. There are so many Defence sector industries like RCI (Research Centre Imarat), CPDC and DRDO.

The Aga Khan Academy is also situated at Kurmalguda-Raviryala road.


Raviryala Hardware park is very popular. This is one of the best places in Hyderabad to invest.  There are so many industries that cause the development of Raviryala. Recently Kapil group got the license for India’s biggest World Trade Centre (WTC) will be on Srisailam Highway. Wonderla Amusement Park is also situated in Raviryala.


Tukkuguda is the most demanded area on the Srisailam Highway. Due to the ORR ( Outer Ring Road) exit number 14, the conveyance is easy. Telangana Government developed E-City (formerly known as Fab City) in Tukkuguda. This industrial SEZ has many MNC companies. These all led Tukkuguda to become an investment hub. Many prestigious real estate projects like Luxury villas, Commercial and Residential plots have emerged in Tukkuguda. Flat culture is also developed in this area. As it has easy access to IT sectors and Hitech city, it is the best place to invest.


Mankhal is also getting momentum as surrounding places are developing. The major advantage of Mankhal is its Industrial SEZ. This SEZ is situated between Maheshwaram road and Srisailam Highway.  


In recent times Maheshwaram is getting more demand. HMDA is also planning to develop roads and premises around Maheshwaram. Upgrading of road work is in process. The government of Telangana started Electronic SEZ on Mansanpally-Maheshwaram road. MNC company Wipro is situated in Maheshwaram and they have started production too. Many real estate companies plotted their ventures in this place.


Lemoor is situated on the left side of Srisailam Highway. In the HMDA master plan, it is mentioned that a 100 ft road will be developed to connect Hyderabad Pharma City, which passes through Lemoor. HMDA acquired 80 acres of land in Lemoor to do developments.  Lemoor has residential projects and integrated township projects. All this makes Lemoor, the best residential hub on Srisailam Highway.


Rachloor is one of the best places in terms of investment. It is situated on the connecting road of the Srisailam Highway and Sagar Highway. HMDA is planning to develop this connecting road. Another major advantage of Rachloor is that a 100 ft road will pass through it and it connects to Hyderabad Pharma City NIMZ zone.


Residential lands, villas and plots are getting more demand in Thummaluru as it is on Srisailam Highway and it is very near to Pharma City. Many open plot and villa ventures have emerged in this place. It is connected to Maheshwaram also. Development in this area is increasing rapidly.

Kandukur – Kadthal

As we are familiar with Hyderabad Pharma City, the world’s largest industrial cluster in the pharma sector is situated between Kandukur-Kadthal-Maisigandi and Ramanuthula. Hyderabad Pharma City will be on 19000 acres. Which is the game-changer for Hyderabad. Due to this demand for the lands and plots in these areas is increasing exponentially.

Pharma city hyderabad telangana

As pharma city works are under process, there are few MNC companies that are showing interest in this area. Recently Amazon announced their one of the three data centers in Hyderabad will be at Meerkhanpet, which is on the connecting road of Kandukur-Yacharam. There is much development happening in this zone. Many real estate ventures are plotted.

Srisailam Highway is one the best place to invest and get high returns on investment. So many open plot ventures are situated around Srisailam highway which are ready to construct. 

Nagarjuna Sagar Highway

Sagar Highway is parallel to Srisailam for a long extent.  There are so many connecting roads to Sagar Highway and Srisailam Highway. The government is planning to develop all the connecting roads.


Adibatla sez is also known as Aerospace Sez. There are so many Aerospace companies. TCS (Tata Consultancy Service) is also situated at Adibatla. In the same way, Tata Boeing Aerospace Ltd, ASACO Pvt Ltd, Tata Advances System, NUCON Aerospace, Tata Sikorsky Aerospace Ltd, MTAR companies, etc. are in this sez.



Bongulur exit (ORR exit no. 12) is also developing very quickly. Recently Government of Telangana started a Logistic park at the Mangalapally Bongulur exit, which makes conveyance and transportation very easy. The PPP public-private partnership has created the first integrated logistics park in India with a 22-acre footprint, which is open for business and has top-notch facilities. This has led to many development works being processed in the Mangalapally Logistics Park area.


This CRIDA agriculture research center is at Gungal, Sagar Highway. CRIDA researches agriculture, crops and Soil. 

CRIDA Hyderabad


As we are all familiar with the Hyderabad Pharma city connecting road, connected to Yacharam and Government is planning to develop this road, Yacharam is getting more demand. Many developments are going on in this area. Once pharma city works are completed, Yacharam will be the next residential hub and will develop very quickly.


The above content notes that South Hyderabad will become an investment hub and will offer a huge return on investment. Experts suggest that investors who want to earn a good return in the near future should invest in the south side of Hyderabad. Buying plots and waiting to get good returns is considered the best investment option.

Plots in South Hyderabad

As we discussed earlier, open plots investment is the better option among all investment methods. Here we are going to suggest some of our open plot ventures which are situated on the south side of Hyderabad.

Plots in Hyderabad

Aspirealty Advaith venture is at Lemoor. In this venture, Aspirealty not only provides basic amenities, but also prime amenities like a clubhouse, swimming pool, mini function hall, indoor games and gym-yoga center, etc., know more.

HMDA Approved Plots

Aspirealty Amogh is a 7 acres project near MAK projects at Srisailam highway. This project has close proximity to the airport, ORR, Hospitals and educational institutions. know more.

HMDA approved layouts

Aspirealty Kingsdell is at Tukkuguda on Srisailam Highway which is a prime location in Hyderabad. This venture has very close proximity to the airport and ORR. Know more.

HMDA Approved

Aspirealty Sri Gokulam Kingsmarque is one of the prestigious projects located at Tukkuguda, Srisailam Highway. It has very close proximity to the Electronic park, Hardware park, IT SEZ, Airport and ORR. Know more.



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