Regional Ring Road

Regional Ring Road Hyderabad Latest Updates 2022

Regional Ring Road Hyderabad Latest Updates 2022

Regional Ring Road Hyderabad

The Regional Ring Road Hyderabad was Proposed by Telangana Government. The Regional Ring Road will boost all industrial, transport sectors and many more. So, it is considered as one major project.  The Regional Ring Road will connect so many districts around the city. Due to this logistic and traffic problems in the city will decrease rapidly. Firstly, it was proposed as Peripheral Ring Road (PRR), then  later it was changed to Regional Ring Road.

Regional Ring Road Hyderabad

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Regional ring road Hyderabad master plan

The master plan behind the proposal of Regional Ring Road Hyderabad is to increase the connectivity of major cities, towns of various districts. It would be 6 lanes 340 kilometres long. It connects many National Highways and State Highways. Therefore, the transport between the cities of Telangana and other states is very easy and time-saving.

Open plots in srisailam highway, Plots at lemoor

Portions of Regional Ring Road

Regional ring road Hyderabad has been divided into two portions.

They are:

Northern Portion:

The Northern half portion of the RRR is approximately 160 kilometers long and it’s estimated cost was Rs. 9500 cr ( when it was proposed). It covers Sangareddy, Narsapur, Toopran, Gajwel, Pragnapur, Bhuvanagiri and Choutuppal cities.

Southern Portion:

Similarly, the Southern half portion of the Regional Ring Road is approximately 182 kilometers long and it’s estimated cost was Rs. 6480 cr (when it was proposed). It covers Choutuppal, Ibrahimpatnam, Kandukur, Amangal, Chevella, Shankarpally and Sangareddy.
Portions of Regional Ring Road Hyderabad, RRR Ring road map

Highways covered by Hyderabad Regional Ring Road

It connects many national and state highways around the city. It leads to easy conveyance in-between states.  Highways covered by RRR are as follows:

National Highways connected by Regional Ring Road

  1. Nagpur highway – NH 44
  2. Bengaluru Highway – NH44
  3. Mumbai Highway – NH 65
  4. Vijayawada Highway – NH 65
  5. Sangareddy- Nanded Highway – NH 161
  6. Warangal Highway – NH 163
  7. Srisailam Highway – NH 765

Highways covered By regional ring, regional ring road telangana villages list

State Highways connected by Regional Ring Road

  1. Hyderabad-Karim Nagar Rajiv Highway – SH 1
  2. Hyderabad-Kodangal Highway – SH 4
  3. Hyderabad-Medak Highway – SH6
  4. Sangareddy-Bhuvanagiri Highway – SH 17
  5. Nagarjuna Sagar highway – SH 19


Districts Covered Under Regional Ring road Hyderabad:

The five districts covered under the Regional Ring Road are:

  1. Ranga Reddy.
  2. Bhuvanagiri (Yadadri- Bhuvanagiri)
  3. Siddipet
  4. Medak
  5. Sangareddy

Regional Ring Road Hyderabad Latest Map

Here is the list of names of villages and Major Zones of Various districts which will be covered by the RRR.

Regional Ring Road route map

Regional Ring Road Hyderabad Route Map

Northern Portion

Sangareddy Junction
Narsapur Junction
Toopran Junction
Gajwel Junction
M. Turkapally

Sothern Portion

Choutuppal Junction
Samsthan Narayanpoor
Amangal Junction
Shadnagar Junction.
Chevella Junction
Sangareddy Junction


Northern portion of Regional Ring Road Hyderabad Status 2022

NHAI Approvals for Northern portion Alignment

Recently NHAI ( National Highway Authority of India) gave approval for the Northern Portion of the Regional ring road of Hyderabad after the government submitted the second survey report.  As per the Regional Ring Road Hyderabad latest news, the northern portion should be 158.4 km long and it requires a land of more than 4000 Acres. The estimated cost of the northern part of Regional Ring Road Hyderabad is approximately Rs.7512cr.      

Northern portion of Regional Ring Road

Meanwhile, the government has appointed district-level personnel to finish the land purchase.In addition, Telangana government agreed to bear 50% of the land acquisition cost and the remaining 50% will be given by the Central Government of India. When it comes to Construction costs, the central government will bear them under Bharatmala Pariyojana. Once the survey of land acquisition is completed, the northern part works will be started. 

Bharatmala Pariyojana


Regional Ring Road Hyderabad villages and zones Covered by Northern portion district wise

Here is the list of 111 Villages district-wise, which are covered by the Northern Portion of the Regional Ring Road.
Villages covered by Northern portion of Regional Ring Road


Sangareddy District Villages

Kondapur Mandal

  1. Malkapur
  2. Girmapur

Sadasivpet Mandal

  1. Peddapur

Sangareddy Mandal

  1. Nagapur
  2. Irigipalle
  3. Chintalpalli
  4. Kalabgur
  5. Sangareddy
  6. Tadlapalle
  7. Kulabgur 

Hatnura Mandal

  1. Kasala
  2. Devulapalli
  3. Hatnura
  4. Doulatabad

Choutkur Mandal

  1. Shivampet
  2. Vendikole
  3. Venkata kistapur
  4. Lingampalle
  5. Korpol


Medak District Villages

Narsapur Mandal

  1. Nagulapalle
  2. Moosapeta
  3. Mohammadabad
  4. Pedda Chinthakunta
  5. Rusthum peta
  6. Seetharampur
  7. Malparthi
  8. Achapet
  9. Reddipalle
  10. Chinna Chinthakunta
  11. Kazipeta
  12. Manthur
  13. Gollapalle
  14. Tirmalapur
  15. Tuljapur

Kowdipalle Mandal

  1. Venkatapur

Shivampet Mandal

  1. Lingoji guda
  2. Kothapeta
  3. Ratnapur
  4. Pambanda
  5. Usirikapalle
  6. Pothula Boguda
  7. Gundlapalle
  8. Konthanpalli

Toopran Mandal

  1. Vattur
  2. Dandupalle
  3. Nagulapalle
  4. Toopran
  5. Islampur
  6. Datarapalle
  7. Gundreddy palle
  8. Kistapur
  9. Venkatayapalle
  10. Narsampalle
  11. Malkapur

Masaipeta Mandal

  1. Masaipet


Siddipet District Villages

Raipole Mandal

  1. Begumpet
  2. Yalkal

Gajwel Mandal

  1. Bangla Venkatapur
  2. Makta Masan palle
  3. Komati Banda
  4. Gajwel
  5. Sangapur
  6. Mutrajpalle
  7. Pragnapur
  8. Sirigiri Palle

Wargal Mandal

  1. Majeedpalle
  2. Mentoor
  3. Jabbapur
  4. Mailaram
  5. Konday palle

Markuk Mandal

  1. Markuk
  2. Pamulaparthi
  3. Angadi Kistapur
  4. Chebarthi
  5. Erravalli

Jagdevpur Mandal

  1. Alirajpet
  2. Itikyala
  3. Peerlapalle


Yadadri-Bhuvanagiri district Villages

Turkapally Mandal

  1. Gandamalla
  2. Veerareddy palle
  3. Konapur
  4. Ibrahimpur
  5. Dattayi pally
  6. Velpu pally

Yadagirigutta Mandal

  1. Mallapur
  2. Datarpally

Bhuvanagiri Mandal

  1. Bhuvanagiri
  2. Rayagiri
  3. Kesaram
  4. Penchikala pahad
  5. Tukkapur
  6. Chandupatla
  7. Gouse nagar
  8. Erramballi
  9. Nandanam

Valigonda Mandal

  1. Pahilwan Pur
  2. Kanchanapalli
  3. Tekula Somaram
  4. Redlarepaka
  5. Proddutur
  6. Varkutpalle
  7. Gokaram
  8. Valigonda

Choutuppal Mandal

  1. Nelapatla
  2. Chinna Kondur
  3. Talla Singaram
  4. Swamula vari lingotam
  5. Choutuppal
  6. Lingojiguda
  7. Panthangi
  8. Tangedu Palli

Interchanges of Regional Ring Road Hyderabad

As per the latest news on RRR, there will be 8 interchanges on the northern portion. The interchanges may be in the cloverleaf interchange model or structure. One interchanger may occupy around 62 Acres of land. Interchanges will be useful to link the National and State highways to Regional Ring Road.There will be 100 meters wide Elevated corridors at National Highways and State Highways that connect to the Regional Ring Road.

RRR Interchanges

Interchanges of Regional Ring Road will be at the following places.          

  1. Hyderabad Mumbai National Highway Interchange: In Between Peddapur and Girmapur Villages.
  2. Sangareddy- Nanded Road: Fasalwadi near shivampet.
  3. Hyderabad-Medak road: In between Reddypalli and Chinthakunta.
  4. Hyderabad -Nagpur Highway: Masaipet near Toopran.
  5. Hyderabad-Karimnagar (Rajiv Highway): Gundanpally near Gouraram.
  6. Hyderabad- Warangal National Highway: Bhuvanagiri
  7. Jagdevpur-Choutuppal (Bhuvanagiri-Nalgonda) road: In Between Mandapuram and Penumativanigudem.  
  8. Hyderabad-Vijayawada Highway: Bangarigadda near Choutuppal.


Status of the Southern portion of The Regional Ring Road

The southern corridor, which stretches over 182 kilometers, is also being re-examined after the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways raised doubts about the project’s sustainability. The proposed section of the road has a traffic volume of fewer than 6,000 vehicles per hour, necessitating a re-evaluation of the project. 
Southern portion route map of regional ring road of hyderabad

The State government stated integration of both portions is the most important one. And they mentioned that by Integrating two parts, traffic volume will increase automatically. However, the state government is resurveying for lands and other aspects for the southern part of the Regional Ring Road of Hyderabad. The Centre Government will issue a gazette announcement after the resurvey is finished, and the land purchase will begin when authorities are informed.

Future Developments near Regional Ring Road

Future Developments near Regional Ring Road

  • The state government is planning for major projects around It.
  • Industrial clusters will be formed around RRR.
  • Increase in Satellite Townships.
  • IT Centers will increase very rapidly.
  • Logistics parks will be established
  • Most of the Pharma companies are planning to establish their labs and factories around Regional Ring Road.
  • Malls and Commercial buildings will increase.
  • Due to all these things the financial status of the State Government will increase.
  • Due to all the above reasons, Regional Ring Road In Hyderabad will boost economic growth and it will soon become a Hub for Real Estate Investment.

Impact of Regional Ring Road Hyderabad on Real Estate

Unlike any other city in India, Hyderabad is enjoying a real estate boom. The availability of large amounts of land, low prices despite many infrastructure expansion projects, foreign investments, and a youthful cosmopolitan population have all contributed to the growth of the real estate in Hyderabad business.

However, the new Regional Ring Road will pass through areas such as Bhuvanagiri, Choutuppal, Amangal, Shadnagar, Chevella, Shankarpalli, Sangareddy, Kandi, Narsapur, Toopran, Gajwel and Jagdevpur. With an opportunity for good connectivity, the Real estate market will take a leap in surrounding areas of the Proposed Regional Ring Road around Hyderabad city. 

Real estate growth near Regional Ring Road

Due to the formation of Industrial clusters and infrastructures, Real estate marketers and investors will target these areas to get huge profits in a short period of time. As a result, huge development will take place in Regional Ring Road areas. It is best to invest in open plots or lands before it gets more expensive. We strongly recommend investors have a look at the properties that are located in prime areas.

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