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Lemoor-Highly demanded location for open plots investment in 2022

Lemoor-Highly demanded location for open plots investment in 2022

Lemoor Real estate

Lemoor comes under the Kandukur Mandal of the Rangareddy District. It is one of the fastest developing areas on the Srisailam Highway in South Hyderabad. Because Lemoor is near to Hyderabad city and peaceful to live here with family. It is a highly demanded location for open plots investment.

Developments at Lemoor 

  • There is a proposed 100 ft road that connects the Raviryala ORR exit no. 13 to the proposed Pharma City, which passes through Agarmiyaguda and Rachaloor towards Pharma city is very near to the Lemoor.
  • As Hyderabad Pharma city is developing, the residential property demand for employees in Lemoor will increase as it has easy access from Pharma city. Lemoor will be preferred for its pollution-free environment along with the proximity to prime locations and easy reach to all necessities. 
  • As HMDA succeeded in the Land Pooling Scheme at Uppal Bhagath, HMDA is planning to acquire land from various places in Hyderabad. In this HMDA acquired 81 acres at Lemoor for development under the Land Pooling Scheme (LPS).
  • There are so many Luxurious villa projects near Lemoor, which aim to provide an eco-friendly atmosphere.
  • Integrated townships are planning to develop residential layouts at Lemoor in 150 acres.
  • Lemoor is surrounded by many HMDA approved projects. As it is surrounded by many projects, it is soon going to become a residential hub.
  • All these developments are giving a huge boost to the properties in Lemoor.

Advantages of Investing at Lemoor

  • Lemoor is situated between Srisailam Highway and Sagar Highway a pollution-free environment.
  • It is near to Hyderabad, so it is very easy to reach the city.
  • It is near to ORR Exit nos.14 and 13. Due to this, it will be much easier to reach any part of Hyderabad through the Outer Ring Road.   
  • There is 12 min. of drive from Srisailam Highway, which is rapidly developing on the south side of Hyderabad.
  • It takes 35 min drive and is 23 km of distance from Sagar Highway.
  • Hyderabad pharma city, which is the world’s largest industrial cluster in its sector, is at a distance of 14 km.
  • Rajiv Gandhi International Airport (RGIA), which provides international commuting is 15 km away and a 25 min drive.
  • 19 min and 10 km distance from E-city (Formerly known as Fab city). To develop an industrial corridor in the field of electronics, TSIIC proposed E-city. It has many reputed companies like Micromax, HFCL Ltd and Radiant, etc. and will become a hub for industries. So, the employees can reach E-city in a very comfortable manner.
  • 30 min drive and 6 km away from Wipro, Maheshwaram.
  • It is located at a distance of 15 km and 26 min of drive from Wonderla Amusement park. It is a holiday spot and one can enjoy and entertain themselves. 

What is the scope of Investment at Lemoor 

Lemoor real estate will become a hub spot for marketers as it will develop very fast by its location advantages and connectivity. It is better to invest in open plots in Lemoor, Telangana before it gets expensive. Many people are searching for open plots in Lemoor for investment purposes. It is such a place where you can get a huge return on investment within a fraction of time. Eventually, it gets more expensive.

If you are confused, where to buy open plots in Hyderabad? Then Lemoor plots are the best option. 

Price trends at Lemoor 


Price Trends at Lemoor

However, the price of Lemoor open plots is increasing rapidly, as the development works are taking place.

  • 2021: The price of the open plots is in between rupees 12000-14000/sq. yard.
  • 2022: The price range is between rupees 14000-16000. Because of the announcement of a lot of projects near this area.
  • 2023: In the same way price of this place will be in the range of rupees 16000-20000/ sq. yard. As the inauguration of the Pharma city is expected and as well as several residential integrated townships will be developed.
  • 2024: The price range will be rupees 20000 to 24000 per square yard. Because of the implementation of HMDA master plans.
  • 2025: Similarly, the price range will be in between rupees 24000-30000 per sq. yard. Because of the completion of Regional Ring Road Hyderabad and its developments.

Our Venture at Lemoor 

  • There are so many Lemoor plots for sale. However, we suggest our prestigious venture Aspirealty Advaith at this place at an affordable price.
  • It is a well-planned venture and HMDA and RERA approved.
  • In this venture, we are providing Prime Amenities along with the essential HMDA amenities.
  • We are providing a Clubhouse with a Swimming Pool, Banquet Hall, Sports zone and Gym-yoga hall etc.
  • To know more about our venture Advaith, Please click here.

open plots at lemoor

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