Open Plots In Hyderabad and Best Places To Invest

Open Plots In Hyderabad and Best Places To Invest

Open Plots In Hyderabad and Best Places To Invest


Investment in open plots in Hyderabad has been much focused in recent times. Because it is giving a huge return on investment. Now a days, people are not willing to invest in anything that involves a high level of risk. Especially in the pandemic, people’s spending habits and life patterns are changed. Most of the people not only reduced their non-essential expenditure but also  concentrated on saving. Therefore, it is the best option to invest in open plots in Hyderabad as it is a metropolitan city and it’s great in terms of infrastructure, diversity and economy.

Hyderabad has become a center of attraction for its technological innovations. The city is looking forward to a bright future. There is a huge success in various fields like IT, Industrial and pharma. Major IT Companies like Amazon, TCS, Wipro and other prestigious projects like E-city (formerly known as Fab City), Pharma City and Hardware park, etc., are boosting the realty sector of Hyderabad. These developments have resulted in a very competitive employment market. Above all are the main reason for the increase in immigration from all over the world.

HMDA Approved open plots in Hyderabad, plots to buy in hyderabad


HMDA is expanding its premises by developing nearby villages and towns like Tukkuguda, Lemoor, Maheshwaram, Kandukur, Srisailam Highway, Shadnagar, Shankarpally, Rudraram, Sanga Reddy, Toopran, Bhuvanagiri, Ibrahimpatnam etc. Due to this Hyderabad city is expanding rapidly. Because of these things, the demand for Real Estate market has been increasing and people are frequently searching for the sale of plots in Hyderabad. However, these are high in demand for their infrastructure and cost-efficient living. Hyderabad is a major urban center for all of south-central interior India and investing on open plots in Hyderabad is a smart decision to grow your portfolio.

Best places to buy open plots in Hyderabad

According to the experts, the investors must focus on HMDA & RERA-approved ventures and purchase the open plots to get good returns. Here we recommend some areas where you can invest in open plots.

Open plots near ORR and RRR


The areas around the Nehru Outer Ring Road (ORR) are exponentially getting more demand. Therefore, investors are showing interest to purchase the open plots for great appreciation. Telangana Government started Pharma city works at Kadthal. So it is the best place to invest in open plots near Srisailam Highway, as the Pharma city will be the most modern pharmaceuticals industrial park and largest integrated industrial cluster for pharmaceuticals in the world.


Pharma City Hyderabad, Kadthal

Pharma City Kadthal, Hyderabad.


As we know that Telangana government proposed the Regional Ring Road Project and work is going on. As a result, the areas in between Regional Ring Road and Outer Ring Road will develop very rapidly.  Therefore, it is also a very good place to invest in residential open plots in the surrounding ventures.

Srisailam highway is also one of the best places to invest on open plots as this is in between ORR and RRR. Surrounding areas of this highway is developing rapidly. HMDA is also planning for major projects near Tukkuguda, Lemoor, Toopranpet and Malkapur, etc. so this is one of the finest place to invest on open plots.

Where To Invest on Open Plots

Aspirealty is one of the top real estate companies in Hyderabad that deals with sales of open plots in Hyderabad. All our projects are HMDA approved and RERA registered . Our ventures are belongs to reputed areas only. Aspirealty is  the best real estate company in Hyderabad with a motto to create wealth for our clients. If you are planning to invest on open plots in Srisailam Highway, then aspirealty Provides the best projects are mentioned below


Aspirealty Advaith is situated at Lemoor. As It is an open plots venture near Srisailam highway and Tukkuguda. It is a 31 Acres HMDA Layout. And surrounded by beautiful parks and numerous green streets. Therefore, it is a perfect location to build a family home. Aspirealty is providing prime ame nities and infrastructure. Some of the Aspirealty amenities are Club house with Swimming Pool, Commercial Space and Mini Function hall etc., in this Venture along with HMDA norms.

Open plots at Lemoor near Tukkuguda

For more information regarding Advaith project please click Here.



Aspirealty Amogh is a 7 acres open plots project located near MAK projects, Srisailam Highway and connected to Outer Ring Road. Our venture is surrounded by Govt. projects like E-City, Pharma City, & Hardware park. The neighborhood’s prestigious projects like MAK projects, Signature Estate luxury mansions, Ramky Discovery City & Greenrich Highlands reflect a huge potential for future developments. It is very near to the Airport, Educational Institutions and Health care services. Essential amenities like water supply, underground electricity, plantation etc. are provided for convenient living.

Open plots near MAK Projects, Srisailam Highway


For more information regarding Amogh project please click Here.

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