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Mr. Kiran has over two decades of versatile professional experience spanning Information Technology, Hospital Management, Educational Institutions Administration, and Real Estate.

He brings a wealth of expertise and a passion for unlocking the potential within these industries. Kiran has transitioned from the IT sector to the dynamic world of Real Estate, recognizing its tremendous growth opportunities and his journey has seen him spearhead layout ventures, orchestrate successful sales and marketing strategies, and advise clients on astute investment decisions to enhance their financial portfolios.

Philosophy: I firmly believe that history has yet to record an instance where a piece of land has betrayed its owner. For me, the paramount investment is in the purchasing of land or property. This conviction has driven my pursuit of excellence in the real estate domain.

Global Experience: My professional voyage has encompassed diverse geographies, including Khammam, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Kolkata, Europe, and the USA. This global exposure has endowed me with the unique ability to keenly monitor and analyze real estate markets. I not only efficiently identify trends but also possess the foresight to predict how these trends will unfold across different regions.