Benefits of investing at Srisailam Highway

Benefits of investing at Srisailam Highway

Benefits of investing At Srisailam Highway


Srisailam Highway has become a sought-after destination for wise investment decisions as the world continues to rapidly evolve. Among the investment options that have gained significant popularity in recent years are open plots.

Discover the ins and outs of the real estate market that on Srisailam Highway with our comprehensive guide. we will explore the advantages of investing in open plots in Srisailam Highway.

Srisailam Highway is a major road that connects Hyderabad to the holy town of Srisailam in the Indian state of Telangana. It is a growing area with lots of potential, making it an ideal location for open plot investments. So, if you are considering investing in open plots, read on to find out why Srisailam Highway should be your top choice.

Table of Contents

    1. Srisailam Highway – A Brief Overview
    2. Futuristic Potential of Srisailam Highway
    3. Key reasons to invest
    4. Future Prospects
    5. Advantages of Investing in Open Plots on Srisailam Highway
    6. Tips for Investing in Open Plots on Srisailam Highway
    7. Conclusion

1. Srisailam Highway – A Brief Overview

Srisailam Highway, also known as NH 765, is a 270 km national highway that runs through the states of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. It starts in Hyderabad and ends in Srisailam, a holy town that attracts thousands of tourists and pilgrims every year. Along the way, it passes through several towns and villages, making it an important lifeline for the people living in these areas.

Srisailam Highway is also an important commercial corridor that connects Hyderabad to the rest of the country. It is well-connected to other major highways, such as NH 44 and NH 65, and is close to the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport, making it a convenient location for businesses and industries.

2. Futuristic Potential of Srisailam Highway

The Srisailam Highway has the potential to become an important transportation hub in the future due to its strategic location and increased development in the areas around it. The expansion of areas nearby like Lemoor, Rachloor, and Tukuguda will increase the demand for efficient transportation infrastructure, making the Srisailam highway a critical route for both commuters and freight transit, as well as an attractive investment location for future growth.

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The need for housing and business space is likely to rise as the region surrounding the Srisailam Highway grows and develops. Real estate developers have already begun to invest in projects along this roadway, which include residential flats, villas, and commercial areas such as malls and office buildings.

The Srisailam Highway is also close to various industrial zones, information technology parks, and educational institutions. This makes it appealing to those who work in these industries and wish to reside in an easily accessible area.

In the future, we could see smart traffic management systems implementing advanced technologies such as autonomous vehicles to enhance the efficiency and safety of the highway. The development of new businesses and industries along the route could also lead to economic growth and job opportunities for the local population.

Overall, the future of real estate on the Srisailam Highway appears promising, and it is set to become a popular area for both residential and commercial development in the coming years.

3. Key Reasons to Invest

The Srisailam Highway area has experienced significant growth, leading to an increase in property prices. Luxurious housing projects like MAK projects and Signature Villas have attracted investors looking for a peaceful and comfortable lifestyle. Reputed builders have shown interest in constructing more projects, and the area is set to benefit from the international airport and mucherla pharma city.

Maheswara Maha Pyramid Kadthal and Maisigandi Maisamma Temple are popular attractions located close to Kadthal town on srisailam road.

The Srisailam Highway region is known for several high-end real estate projects such as Aspirealty Advaith, Amogh, Kavuri integrated township, Signature Luxury Mansions, Giga Citi, and Ramky Discovery City. Its proximity to localities like Lemoor, Rachloor, and Tukkuguda makes it an ideal location for investment. Additionally, the presence of many international schools and colleges like Manchester international school, NIshitha engineering college, Bhadruka College, Narayana IIT Academy, and many more in the area adds to its appeal as a desirable place to live. 

Furthermore, the Outer Ring Road connects major areas and suburbs, making it an important infrastructure. With TCS SEZ, the logistic park at Mangalpally is already finished and operational on 40 acres of land.

4. Future Prospects

The Srisailam Highway area in Hyderabad is rapidly becoming a hub for industrial and electronic manufacturing projects. Several major developments, including E-City (Fab City), SCL Electronics, and WIPRO’s 20-acre Electronic System Design and Manufacturing (ESDM) clusters are located in the area. The ESDM Park offers facilities for electronics manufacturing and design firms, including labs, an incubation center for startups, and a common facility center. 

In addition, there are several other electronic and hardware manufacturing companies in the area which are all located within a 15-minute drive of each other. The area is also close to other significant developments like Hyderabad Pharma City and Eliminedu Tata Aero Space & Defense Park.

5. Advantages of Investing in Open Plots on Srisailam Highway


One of the main advantages of investing in open plots in Srisailam Highway is affordability. Compared to other major cities in India, such as Mumbai and Bangalore, the cost of living in Hyderabad is relatively low. This means that the cost of land is also lower, making it an ideal location for first-time investors or people with a limited budget.

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High Appreciation Potential

Open plots in Srisailam Highway have high appreciation potential. As the area is developing rapidly, the demand for land is increasing, leading to an increase in land prices. This means that investing in open plots on Srisailam Highway can yield high returns in the future. Moreover, the appreciation potential is higher in locations that are close to major infrastructure projects or upcoming developments.

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High-Rental Income Potential

Investing in open plots in Srisailam Highway can also provide a steady source of rental income. The area is experiencing rapid urbanization, leading to an increase in demand for rental properties. Moreover, the proximity to major commercial centers and tourist destinations makes it an attractive location for people looking for rental properties.

Diverse Investment Opportunities

Open plots on Srisailam Highway offer diverse investment opportunities. You can choose to invest in residential plots, commercial plots, or agricultural plots, depending on your preferences and goals. Moreover, you can also choose to develop the land yourself or sell it to developers for a profit.

Easy Resale

Open plots in Srisailam Highway are in high demand, making it easy to resell the land. The area is experiencing rapid development, leading to an increase in demand for land. Moreover, the proximity to major infrastructure projects and upcoming developments makes it an attractive location for developers and investors.

Government Initiatives

The Telangana state government has been implementing several initiatives to promote investment in the state. The state has implemented a single-window clearance system to streamline the process of obtaining permits and approvals. Moreover, the state government has also implemented several policies to promote the development of infrastructure, such as the Hyderabad Growth Corridor and the Regional Ring Road.

The Srisailam Highway Aerospace SEZ

The Srisailam Highway Aerospace SEZ, which was developed by the Telangana State Industrial Infrastructure Corporation (TSIIC), is currently home to numerous aerospace companies.

These include Tata Boeing Aerospace Ltd, Adani Aerospace Ltd, Asaco Pvt Ltd, Nucon Aerospace Limited, Gowra Aerospace Technologies, Tata Advanced Systems, Tata Sikorsky Aerospace Ltd, and Sri Venkateshwara Aerospace Ltd, among others.

The Rajiv Gandhi International Airport

This Rajiv Gandhi International Airport is located close to Srisailam Highway and is expected further to boost the real estate market in the area. Furthermore, the airport’s position in Hyderabad, a fast-rising metropolitan city with a booming IT industry, might boost its ability to attract investments and enterprises, resulting in increased land prices in surrounding areas on the srisailam highway in the long term.

The Hyderabad Pharma City

Hyderabad Pharma City is a project initiated by the Government of Telangana to focus on the life sciences and pharmaceutical sector. The government’s new industrial policy aims to develop this sector and provide a conducive environment for its growth. The project has been granted NIMZ (National Investment and Manufacturing Zone) status by the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion (DIPP) in recognition of the government’s vision and efforts.

The Department of Pharmaceuticals is also keen to support the project, which requires 19,333 acres of land and an estimated budget of Rs. 16,395 crores. The Pharma City has an estimated investment potential of Rs. 64,000 crores and an expected export potential of Rs. 58,000 crores per annum. It is expected to provide direct employment to 150,000 people and indirect employment to 500,000.

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Hyderabad Pharma City aims to create an integrated pharma manufacturing ecosystem that includes NIMZ Manufacturing Units, a Pharma University, a Research & Development Centre, and a Township for living. The majority of the land will be used for pharmaceutical manufacturing, while the rest will be developed for a pharmaceutical university, an R&D and ancillary hub, and a pharmaceutical city township with all necessary social and physical infrastructure.

6. Tips for Investing in Open Plots on Srisailam Highway

If you are considering investing in open plots on Srisailam Highway, here are some tips to help you make a wise investment decision:

    • Conduct thorough research on the area, including current and future developments, land prices, and market trends.
    • Consult with a reputable real estate Company for expert advice on the best investment opportunities in the area.
    • Verify the title and ownership of the land before making any investment decisions.
    • Consider the long-term potential of the investment, rather than focusing on short-term gains.
    • Plan your finances well to ensure that you can afford the investment and accompanying charges like registration fees and taxes.

7. Conclusion

Given its future potential and low cost, purchasing an open plot along the Srisailam Highway might be a wise choice.  Numerous investment opportunities are available in this area, and there is a chance for both substantial appreciation and rental income. Because market stability, legal compliance, and environmental sustainability are all good, making investment decisions without any thought is safe. You can choose wisely while investing by following the advice given in this article.

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